Glamping and ecotourism are key growth tourism sectors, with glamping in particular, currently evolving

at a fast pace. Both are creating a completely new kind of leisure experience and dramatically changing the travel landscape.


In response, progressive landowners and organisations are choosing to diversify into these markets, and individuals

wanting to escape the ‘rat-race’ are seizing them as an opportunity to create a lifestyle business of their own.



Diversifying into glamping has several pluses – it can provide a relatively fast return on investment, use otherwise redundant spaces, be more profitable than some traditional rural holiday enterprises, supplement existing revenue/s, and dovetail into other business practices. Whatever you want from it, we can create a glamping project to suit, it’s remarkably flexible. At an altruistic level, it can also be a rewarding business, providing genuine, transformative experiences for people who usually get little quality time to themselves, or together.



Like starting any other business, creating a successful glamping project involves in depth-research, a sound business plan, and informed decision-making. The most crucial decision however is whether or not to go ahead at all, the industry isn’t sitting still, and viability can be something of a ‘moveable feast’.

Whatever size or style of glamping you are considering, the contributing factors to its success are the same. Glamping is becoming more competitive, some places are already having to work harder, or cut prices, to maintain occupancy rates. Kate’s advice could help to avoid such measures, securing a more stable return on your investment.


Working with Kate, you have access to genuine impartial guidance from a well-connected industry professional. She knows the business inside out, and has seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t, putting her in an excellent position to help you make the right decisions.

  • Unique Selling Points: If you’re looking to offer something different from the crowd, Kate’s advice could be pivotal, she brings a strong creative element to every project. Drawing on many diversification models, she can create an imaginative U.S.P. – increasingly important as glamping develops.
  • Knowledge: Kate works hard to keep abreast of industry developments and products, to provide relevant and contemporary advice.
  • Experience: A background in sales, marketing, property restoration, hospitality and design, as well as seven years working directly in glamping rental, gives her unrivalled creative and business skills within the industry. From first concept, right through to marketing and running a site – she knows every stage of the process.
  • Industry Specialists: Kate only works with other industry professionals and consultants, who she knows have the level of experience and integrity that she herself works to.
  • Sustainable Landscaping: As a Permaculture Designer Kate can bring an element of practical, sustainable principles to landscaping and design, creating a more engaging experience for your guests.
  • International experience: Kate works with landowners from many countries and receives regular international enquiries. She visited Australia in 2015, advising landowners in Margaret River, and Ecuador in 2016 to create a glamping development strategy with the Ministry of Tourism. Whilst all projects have commonalities, each country and location poses its own opportunities and restrictions, Kate can help you to weave these successfully together.

As further glamping sites and developments enter the market every year, it becomes increasingly competitive.


Let’s create something that sets your business apart – and stays that way.