Kate Morel, Glamping Consultancy Service

Glamping and ecotourism are key growth tourism sectors, with glamping in particular currently evolving at a fast pace. Both are creating a completely new kind of leisure experience and dramatically changing the travel landscape.
In response, progressive landowners and organisations are choosing to diversify into these markets, and individuals wanting to escape the ‘rat-race’ are seizing them as an opportunity to create a lifestyle business of their own.


“I met Kate when she spoke on Glamping in the UK at a conference, and invited her to visit us in Margaret River WA to talk to ourselves and farmers about glamping in this part of the world. She inspired all of us and glamping is developing in this part of the world, partly due to Kate’s involvement.”

John Stanley, John Stanley Associates, Western Australia

John Stanley Associates, Western Australia

“Great to see you this week Kate, thanks for coming to the farm, your views and guidance were most helpful. I’m seriously considering your suggestion about that themed cabin in the copse, your powers of observation are something else and how you pulled that idea out of thin air I’ll never know, much better than my idea of a shepherds hut at the bottom of the field.”

James, Cornwall

“Thank you for visiting us this week and taking a look around the boat. We we were a little worried that you’d suggest a complete refurbishment and turn it into something totally different, but you understood its history and our emotional attachment. We were so happy with your suggestions, which were sympathetic, practical and business-minded. You’ve given us a lot to think about, if we do go ahead with renting it we will definitely be back in touch. Thanks again.”

Cheryl, Dorset

“We asked for Kate’s advice after we had set up our yurt camp because bookings weren’t coming in as we’d hoped. She gave us a lot of fantastic advice about how to make our camp look better and be more appealing, including how to add facilities, she even showed us how to do it. Her advice was pivotal to our success because once we had done the work and updated our listing the bookings started rolling in – we were chock full through summer. Thank you so much Kate, you’re amazing.”

Shayne and Nathan, Powys

“We are thrilled with our product, BUT, we also feel that we would have benefited greatly if we had found Kate before we embarked on our adventure, she’s a mine of inspirational and enthusiastic passion for the Glamping industry. A wonderfully honest sounding board, full of ideas and a wealth of national and international experience, with no hidden agenda – a breath of fresh air.

There is no “one size fits all” but there are key elements that will always offer significant impact – trends, knowledge, contacts, uniqueness – and our experience is that Kate has the ability to listen, guide, advise and enthuse. If you haven’t embarked on that journey just yet, then call her as your journey will be a smoother one. If you are part way through or perhaps have a wonderful product but may be looking for ways to refresh or tweak what you are doing, do contact Kate – she has been called the ‘Glamping Guru’ for good reason.”

Bryony, Dorset

Kate has been an invaluable source of support and information on my glamping journey. After an initial site visit, she was able to advise on the best business model to suit my site and give me lots of insider knowledge plus some great hints & advice.  She seems to know everyone in the industry and has put me in touch with some very helpful people. Her support is ongoing as my plans (and planning permissions) evolve – keeping me focused and on-track. Thank you Kate.

Lorraine, Forest of Dean

Such great advice and wonderful suggestions to ensure we really capitalise on a specific USP … I’m going to really fire ahead with offering those trips for my guests. Brilliant advice all round.

Suzanne in France

We hired Kate to help keep our glamping site fresh and inspiring. Her ideas and intelligent applications to our design have us excited for next springs launch!

Nicole - Elements Luxury Camp, Canada

Nicole – Elements Luxury Camp, Canada